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Rosy Mist


Wild Raspberry


Golden Tan



I really think that the fruity body butters smell amazing and they are really worth it!

Alma Sh

I bought your C-Mask (Classic Mask) at the airport in Aqaba.
It is a fantastic product and I very much would like to buy more of it.

Carina Van der Sluijs

I bought C-Slim Oil (Slim Fit Oil) in the airport and it has been the best oil that I have used in my professional career.

Iciar Ruiz Castillo

I had opportunity to use your Night Cream …., I find it excellent and I like to buy this product and some others.

Angela Casucci

I have tried the C-PRODUCTS and since I suffer Psoriasis they have been extremely helpful to me.

Aikaterini Kavvadia

I have seen and tested your products, I’m very happy about you products because it is so good to my body .

Petra Kiel

I’m a big fan of your products, especially C-Touch (Tender Touch).

Segolene De Le Rochelambert

I bought some of your C-Wave (Sleek Wave) Shampoo.., my hair is so much healthier that I would like to buy some more.

Angela Rowney

I have skin problems and eczema, and the bath salt helped me a lot.

Virginie Peeters

My husband was in Jordan and brought home some of your great products. I tried the Mud Mask and the Face Scrub and really liked them.

Vibe Obel

I recently purchased Dead Sea Soaps; I have found the soap in particular very therapeutic.

Cindy Irons

I have been using your products for many years now and nothing compare.

Helene Chalifoux

I picked up C-Bath (Reviving Bath) on my visit and was amazed to see the softness and glow it brought on to my skin. Even my dermatologist was amazed at the glow of my skin… Three cheers for your team.

Ratna Ramani

I recently tried the Aromatherapy Bath Salts gift pack and must say I was thoroughly impressed by the effect this product had on my body.

Beno Saradzic