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Who Are We?

Universal Labs Ltd. based in Amman – Jordan, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of natural health and beauty products from the Dead Sea marketed under the brand name C-PRODUCTS.

Corporate Headquarters:
Suite 202 – Caracas Center – Yajouz Avenue – Jubaiha – Amman – Jordan

Legal Status:
Private Shareholding Company

Date of Incorporation:
April 1989

Business Activities:
Research, formulation, production, marketing, and export of natural health and beauty products from the Dead Sea, with special emphasis on spa products.

Human Resources:
A group of highly trained and dedicated technical and administrative staff including pharmacists, chemical engineers, and beauty consultants.

Export Markets:
Our Retail Line & Spa Line have achieved world-wide recognition for their superb quality and attractive packaging. Current export markets include U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Future Objectives:

  • Covering every possible international market to achieve our goal “We want the whole world to bathe in the Dead Sea”.
  • Complementing our range with more unique products.
  • Creating more serious awareness on the importance of Dead Sea related products.
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