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The Source

The Dead Sea is the lowest spot on earth and contains such a unique and rich combination of natural minerals in concentrations reaching up to 34%. These natural minerals are quite essential to facilitate and maintain the skin’s natural functions. That’s why the Dead Sea is considered to be nature’s finest recipe for health and beauty.

The Company

In 1989, a group of enthusiastic and dedicated nature lovers decided to make it possible for people around the world to share and enjoy the ultimate secrets of nature by exploring and utilizing the magic of natural minerals of the world’s oldest and largest health and beauty store… the Dead Sea. It was then that Universal Labs was founded to bring the world a unique range of natural products based on fine ingredients from the Dead Sea.

The Formulation

Our Retail Line and Spa Line have been formulated following extensive research on the valuable resources of the Dead Sea incorporated with other valuable resources of nature to bring the world the ultimate in skin care products. Every product has been uniquely formulated to give you a special touch of the Dead Sea, and to make your skin feel a real difference.

The Quality

Universal Labs guarantees the quality of its products through strict selection of raw material, standardized production process combined with highly qualified and experienced team of experts which includes pharmacists, chemical engineers, and dermatologists. Every staff member is dedicated to the highest standards of quality and perfection.

The Proof

Hundreds of letters are received every year from satisfied customers all over the world complimenting our unique range of products and describing their fantastic experiences with the Retail Line as well as the Spa Line. We, of course feel very proud and rewarded… that is why we are always determined to achieve and maintain total perfection… we simply can’t settle for less.

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  • Jordan Duty Free Shops (5 outlets)
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