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  • Feb 19

    Foot Care During Winter

    Our feet are usually the most neglected part of our body, especially during the boot-season when your feet are usually covered in layers of socks and your toes barely show. However, it is always important that we take care of our feet all year long
  • Dec 06

    Winter Beauty Tips

    The winter and holiday season is a wonderful time of the year! Family reunions by the Christmas tree, warm cozy nights by the fire place, and cold beautiful rainy/snowy weather. However this season can wreak havoc upon your skin, it can give you a
  • Nov 14

    The Ultimate Facial Treat

    Our faces mirror our souls, so we always tend to make sure that our facial skin is in perfect condition. Facial care products usually range from masks, to creams, cleansers etc… However, what gives C-Products an advantage is the fact that all pro
  • Oct 24

    The Dead Sea

    What Makes the Dead Sea So Special? During our 30 years in the Dead Sea Products business, we have been asked this question hundreds of times. Our answer was always the same; The Dead Sea is the most natural spa in the world, it is Mother Nature
  • Oct 17

    Treating Acne

    RULE #1: DON’T pop, squeeze or pick your pimples or whiteheads! This could create permanent scars, slow the process of healing, and difficult to cover with make-up. Give it time to heal, it will disappear faster than you think as long as you wash

5 Item(s)

per page

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