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RULE #1: DON’T pop, squeeze or pick your pimples or whiteheads!
This could create permanent scars, slow the process of healing, and difficult to cover with make-up. Give it time to heal, it will disappear faster than you think as long as you wash your face twice on daily basis.

RULE #2: DO use OIL-FREE makeup:
Using oil-free makeup will not clog the pores and they are known as noncomedogenic or non-acnegenic. You probably wouldn’t want to have pimples all over your face during prom or your wedding day, so oil-free makeup is your only way out! P.S they don’t interfere with your acne medication.

RULE #3: DON’T do a shimmery finish on your face:
It might look good but this will make the pimples more visible and prominent.

RULE #4: DO clean AND moisturize before applying makeup:
Cleaning your face before applying makeup is very essential. & DON'T apply makeup when there is unwashed makeup from the day before!
Recommended for you: Use C-PRODUCTS Facial Cleanser “Aqua Clean ” or Dead Sea based mud soap “Black Soap ”.

RULE #5: DO wash your brushes and sponges:
Brushes, sponges, beauty blenders etc. can hold bacteria, so you must wash them AT LEAST twice a week.

RULE #6: DO apply Tea Tree Oil:
Tea Tree Oil contains antibacterial properties which can reduce pimples and skin break-outs.
Recommended for you: Tea Tree Oil based Acne Spray “Derma Clear ” that has antiseptic and refreshing properties.