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The winter and holiday season is a wonderful time of the year! Family reunions by the Christmas tree, warm cozy nights by the fire place, and cold beautiful rainy/snowy weather. However this season can wreak havoc upon your skin, it can give you a hard time causing uncomfortable dryness of the skin which leads to skin chapping, redness, itching and many more undesirable effects. In this blog post, I will offer you a few tips to maintain healthy skin during the cold festive season.

1. Always moisturize your skin, this goes without saying during not only winter, but throughout the year. Fruity Butter body butter and Tender Touch body lotion from C-Products are rich in Avocado oil and Shea Butter and are perfect options to maintain a moisturized and healthy skin.

2. Use sun protection creams. Many people believe that since the sun doesn’t shine in winter as strong as it does summer, then there is no need to use sun protection. However, they cannot be more wrong! Sun protection is required all year round to protect your skin from harmful sun rays and to keep your skin glowing. We recommend using Derma Plus day cream, a non-greasy cream which also provides sun protection (SPF 25).

3. Exfoliate your skin. Dry dead skin makes it harder for moisturizing creams to give their maximum effect, therefore exfoliating the face using a gentle facial scrub such as Smooth Scrub removes dead skin and skin debris as well as other impurities, keeping your skin clean, fresh and healthy

4. Use humidifiers in your home and workplace. Heating systems tend to make the air in any room hot and dry, this can cause lots of unwanted trouble for your skin. Using a humidifier gets more moisture into the air, protecting your skin from drying out.

5. Avoid taking super-hot showers. Although it may be really tempting, super-hot water causes the liquid barriers in the skin to break, leading to loss of moisture from the skin. Using lukewarm water for showering and washing up is the best option during the winter season.
6. Cleanse and Tone! It is extremely important that you cleanse your skin throughout winter. And it is even more important to tone it immediately right after cleansing it. This helps in preventing excessive dryness and in maintaining an overall healthy facial skin.

7. Stay hydrated. Although you may not be as tempted to drink water in winter as in summer, drinking 2 liters of water throughout the day helps in maintaining a healthy skin complexion as well as a healthy body!

So keep warm and hydrated during the winter, and do not forget how important that sunscreen is!