• Oct 24, 2017|
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What Makes the Dead Sea So Special?

During our 30 years in the Dead Sea Products business, we have been asked this question hundreds of times. Our answer was always the same; The Dead Sea is the most natural spa in the world, it is Mother Nature’s gift to us.

“But seriously, how can a small lake in the Jordan Valley be the most natural spa in the world?”

Let me take you back and educate you on how it all started. Some legends claim that Cleopatra knew about the magic of the Dead Sea thousands of years ago. The Dead Sea’s natural healing properties where discovered in the 1800s, and since that day, it has been a hotspot for medical tourism, especially for those suffering from skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

The Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water on Earth, making it extremely rich in valuable minerals. A study suggests that 21 of the minerals found in the Dead Sea are vital for the skin’s overall wellbeing. A more recent study researching the effect of Dead Sea minerals on skin care has proved that the Dead Sea minerals are in fact very beneficial for keeping the skin healthy in addition to the therapeutic benefits.

The mud found in the Dead Sea also tends to be extremely beneficial for the skin, it is rich in different minerals that nourish and purify the skin due to its natural absorption properties. The mud is also beneficial for boosting blood circulation and relieving muscle and joint pain.

At C-Products, our goal is to deliver the highest quality of these Dead Sea products right to your doorstep!