• Feb 19, 2018|
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Our feet are usually the most neglected part of our body, especially during the boot-season when your feet are usually covered in layers of socks and your toes barely show. However, it is always important that we take care of our feet all year long, the same way we care for our face and body. In this blog post, we will be providing you with essential tips that can save your feet from fungal infections, winter heels and cracked skin.

1. Choose your shoes and socks wisely: While walking in rain and snow, it is important that you keep your feet warm and dry, avoid synthetic fabrics and look for breathable shoes and socks. Moreover, do not put your footwear on before completely drying your feet to avoid foot fungus.

2. Always moisturize your feet: Our skin tends to lose much of its moisture during colder days due to heaters and blasting air conditioners. Dry feet cause cracked heels and rough foot skin. To avoid this, simply apply foot cream on a daily basis to keep your feet happy and moisturized. We recommend using our foot cream “Balm relief” which combines natural essential oils with Dead Sea minerals.

3. Use a foot scrub: Exfoliating your feet on a regular basis helps maintain soft feet and protects from cracked heels. Our “Gentle Exfolio” is a luxurious foot scrub that removes dead skin and skin debris to give you smooth feet and helps with the mending of cracked heels.

4. Don’t get lazy: We know that staying at home is tempting during winter, and that trip to the gym does not sound as exciting anymore, but being inactive for long periods of time causes foot swelling. If it’s impossible to go to the gym, then make sure you do some exercises in your own bedroom.

5. Pamper your feet with a warm foot soaks: After a hectic day of standing up and running around in the cold, soaking your feet in warm water helps reduce the swelling and can be extremely relaxing. Incorporating our “Foot Soak” – a combination of Dead Sea salt and tea tree oil – with your soak routine helps eliminate odor, bacteria and fungus as it also provide the feet with valuable minerals.

Remember, your feet take you where your heart is, therefore make sure you always take good care of them, the same way you take care of your face!